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Taizhou University is situated on the burgeoning coastal city of Taizhou. Set up and administered by both the Zhejiang provincial government and the Taizhou municipal government, Taizhou University is a comprehensive university officially approved by the Ministry of Education of China. Formally known as the Taizhou Teachers College founded with the approval of the State Council of China in 1978, the history of this university could be traced back to the Teachers Training Specialty of the Santai High School founded in 1907. Having two campuses in the two places of Linhai and Jiaojiang, this university occupies a land area of 101.713 hectares.
There are 14 schools or departments in this university, including the School of Humanities, School of Economic and Trade Management, School of Foreign Languages, School of Mathematics and Information Engineering, School of Physics and Electronic Engineering, School of Life Science, School of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering, School of Physical Culture, School of Arts, School of Teacher Education, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, School of Medicine, and the Department of Ideology and Politics Courses Education and Research. This university offers 44 undergraduate specialties, among which 12 are key specialties at the provincial level or above, or specialties with special characteristics or advantages. There are nearly 15,000 full-time students on the campus. Currently there are 6 key disciplines at the provincial level, 11 key disciplines at the municipal level, 7 experimental teaching (exemplary teaching) centers at the provincial level, and more than 10 research and service platforms of various kinds such as key laboratories at the provincial level.   
This university has 883full-time members on the teaching staff, among whom 355 are professors or associate professors and 184 have the PhD degree. Since the founding of this university, more than 41,000 full-time students have completed their bachelor’s degree or associate-degree programs.

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